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You'll receive various priority support plans to meet your business needs from MicroAide of Bethel, PA.


Please review the chart below to determine which support plan is best suited for your company. Also, check out the benefits to which you are entitled by being a support plan client.


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Choose the best support plan for your company

Benefit from our support plans

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Priority support plans to keep your business running

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Option 1 – Hourly Remote Specialty Software Support


Option 2 – 3 Hours Remote Support on Specialty Software


* Option 3 – 6 Hours Remote/Onsite Support on Specialty Software


* Option 4 – 12 Hours Remote/Onsite Support on Specialty Software


* Option 5 – 20 Hours Remote/Onsite Support on Specialty Software

                    * Onsite support within 25 mile radius


Option 6 – Master Support Plan

(The Master Support Plan covers support on Specialty Software plus any other technical issues. Also includes hardware support with optional quarterly maintenance.)



No Server

With Server

12 Hrs



20 Hrs



40 Hrs



60 Hrs

(Specialty Software includes: DacEasy, Timeslips and Peachtree)

• Support Plan Clients have priority over non-support plan clients.

• Support Plan Clients receive discounted rates for service.

• Support Plans are for 1 year or Support Plan hour limit, whichever comes first.

• Support Plans are for Onsite, Phone and Remote Support during Normal Business Hours